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Don't judge a book by its cover or a couple by their Instagram



Please read this :) 

I remember our engagement period, it was filled with stress and fights and lots of tears and our sinful selfish hearts wanting to just run away from each other sometimes, than. There was more heartache than I ever would’ve thought, since the engagement period is supposed to be super duper happy and exciting, and it honestly was, but there was a lot to go through in order to allow ourselves to rejoice in the excitement. And now being married, it’s like that, except marriage asks me to give more of myself than I ever thought when I dreamt of finding the one and marrying him and spending the rest of our lives snuggling and having perfectly cute giggly babies. It’s hard work, it’s so much death to self, but when I suffer in the flesh I rejoice in the Spirit and man, that is the most incredible thing about marriage. Two sinners getting to do life together, through the fights and the selfishness and the heart-ache and the pouting and my dramatic exits when I’m too angry to speak, to having my husband be right there, always. sometimes waiting for me to swallow my pride and come back, sometimes humbly choosing to come and put his arms around me and kiss me and make me laugh so I’m no longer angry, sometimes having deep conversations about the way I hurt him, which of course offends my ego most often than not, and then deciding for myself to step on my ego and choose to love my husband who is a sinner just like me, who makes mistakes just like me, but who loves me more than I could ever dream of or understand. And through it all seeing Christ in all of my husband’s acts of love. Knowing more and more the great love of my Saviour, of my First Love, His provision and blessings and His freely flowing grace constantly. 

Yep, life isn’t always like we portray on tumblr, instagram, or facebook. It’s easy to happily share away the sweet, full-of-love moments that we all dream of having, but it’s not always that way. The best of things come through the greatest of fights, and gold is only made pure through fire. So let the fires rage on, The Lord is with us, we shall not fear. Make us holy, let us know more of Your love, and for Christians, suffering is a guarantee as you continue to be rooted deeper in Christ. And love is only true when you love through it all, not just through the good, and for the good.

So take everything with a grain of salt, and choose to look to Jesus and not others. :) 

Thank you for sharing this!

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You had amnesia for two months, I missed it more.

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Nice to talk with other actors

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taylorswift I feel like you’d make these

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One of my favorite BW dresses


One of my favorite BW dresses

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The New Zealand Academy of Spellcraft is situated in an undetectable location in the bush lands of South Island so incredibly difficult to find due to its surroundings’ constant changes in appearance that even repeat visitors often have trouble finding the school. Many muggleborn students are raging fanatics of the All Blacks, and they have slowly converted the rest of the student population who used to thumb their nose at the mention of rugby. However, quidditch remains immensely popular, with students often sneaking out under the cover of night to play matches in the dark because it is “more challenging, and therefore, more fun,” despite the drastic increase in the number of injuries and dents in trees due to rogue bludgers growing slightly panicked in the dark. The school prides itself on its large and prestigious herbology department; international witches and wizards often take on extended environmental studies at the academy, so students are always on the lookout for lost foreigners stumbling around. Often times when they graduate, students of distinction are gifted with Pounamu ornaments that are embedded into the handles of their wands as a reminder for them to always be at peace with their surroundings.
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I’ve had this idea of a Finnish magic school for a while, and I got inspired by asheathes’ beautiful gifsets depicting wizarding schools around the world. So I gathered some pictures (since I’m too lazy to learn gif making and finding pics is easier) and wrote up what I’ve been thinking about, mostly as a reference for myself if I ever got around actually using this idea for something. It would be amazing to organize a larp in which all the characters would get sorted without the players knowing which House they go to in advance - maybe one day…

Without further ado, let me introduce to you:

Kyöpelinvuoren Noitaopisto - Kyöpelinvuori Witch Academy 

Kyöpelinvuori Witch Academy is a very old magic school in the Finnish Lapland. It was originally for witches only since at the time it was founded, women were thought to have far greater magical abilities than men. Wizards were mostly left uneducated or sometimes home schooled. Nowadays the school accepts male students, although they are still a minority, but has kept its old name. Muggles have occasionally overheard careless witches talking about going to Kyöpelinvuori but mistakenly assumed that it was a place where Witches’ Sabbaths were held. This is why you can sometimes hear a muggle talking about witches flying on broomsticks to Kyöpelinvuori, even though witches are believed to be folklore these days. Because of the matriarchal history of the magical community in Finland, there are no mentions of wizards in Finnish muggle mythology. 

The school is located inside and on top of a nondescript fjeld in the wilderness of Lapland, near the lake Inari. It’s built in a single floor and every classroom and hallway has a glass roof to maximize the amount of natural light. Of course, artificial lighting has to be used during the long polar night when the Sun doesn’t rise at all. The fjeld is enchanted so that the glass roof can’t be seen from afar and occasional hikers planning to go over the fjeld decide to walk around it instead for some strange reason. The spell only works on humans, so sometimes reindeer and other animals will walk on the roof, much to the students’ delight. The interior of the school is very modern, mostly black and white, and geometrical, creating a stark contrast to the untouched nature outside. The school has also adopted all kinds of useful muggle inventions, since all Finnish witches and wizards live amongst muggles and interact with them a lot. 

The reason why the school can be hidden in such plain sight is that all of the traffic takes place through the floo network. Finland has never had a culture of boarding schools, so everyone goes home for the night and the school doesn’t have dormitories. To accommodate hundreds of people using the the floo network at the same time every morning, there is a big, round entrance hall in the middle of the school lined with fireplaces that are labeled and assigned so that only about a dozen people use the same fireplace. The hall has four doorways, each of which is imbued with a spell similar to the ones in Gringotts that activates if someone enters with ill intent. The northern doorway leads to the library that reaches deeper in the ground in order to fit the huge bookshelves. Beyond the southern doorway lie the dining hall and the teachers’ quarters. The classrooms are through the western and eastern doorways. 

On either side of the library there is a common room of a House, and similarly there are two common rooms next to the dining hall. Many students like to do their homework or just spend time in their common room before going home after school. There are four Houses: Kontioiset, Sudentassut, Lumisulat, and Viikaniinit. Their symbols are a copper bear on forest green, a silver wolf on black, a golden swan on white, and a tin rabbit on purpure, respectively. The students wear a badge with their House sigil and often have accessories in their House colours, but the school doesn’t have a dress code. The symbol of the school is a white reindeer on blue, which can be seen in the form of reindeer head and antler motifs scattered around to bring life to the otherwise simple and angular interior design.  

In addition to the subjects taught in Hogwarts (except for DADA that’s integrated to Charms, Divination, and Muggle Studies), the school teaches ancient Finnish singing and ritual based wandless magic, traditional Saami magic and culture, and shamanism. Students learn how to carve and enchant powerful amulets from reindeer bone, how to construct and use a witch’s drum, how to heal wounds by mixing herbs and chanting, and even how to enter the spiritual realm and communicate with animals. There are many native spells that are in Saami languages or ancient Finnish. However, new spells and forms of magic are developed all the time, as the Finnish magical community doesn’t want to get stuck in the past, even if it values traditional magic and strives to preserve it. 

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The magic folk of the Caribbean are nothing if not ambitious. Raising an unplottable island out of the ocean, they retreated to their paradisiacal land whereupon they built a school of magic to pass on their knowledge. Over time, the island grew crowded, and the magical community moved away, but the school remained in operation. Surrounded by a vast blue stretch of water, students must travel via large sentient sailing ships that have been magicked to operate independently (an extremely useful enchantment during the era of piracy as the ships knew to avoid danger). In the waters surrounding the school swims an unnaturally large barracuda with magical scales that can be used as wand cores, but only when it is given willingly. There are many classes dedicated to spice magic, and foreign visitors often say the school carries a distinct aroma akin to a legion of chefs who never stop cooking. Cinnamon for friendship, ginger root for courage and strength, red chillies can fight evil or cause destruction… it becomes the unofficial anthem of the students over time because it aids greatly during the multitude of spice-reading exams conducted throughout the school year. 

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I've always loved you

This makes my feels hurt so good.

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"Mr Castle wet his pants!"

my new favorite line from the show (via introvertedcaskettshipper)

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