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That almost every ship that had their characters up against each other, tricking each other, one upping the other and who manipulate each other’s feelings because of betrayal or certain loyalties;

are like the hottest ships, with the most sexual tension and who no matter how much they hate each other at the time and how much they try to use their feelings against each other; always end up falling harder and harder without even realizing it.

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The morgue was one room. You’re talking about an entire 70’s makeover. That is a massive undertaking.

We get to solve the greatest mystery of the disco era, besides the popularity of disco itself. It’s a win-win!

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Kate Beckett → That 70’s Show

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Frozen references: It doesn’t have to be a snowman. | requested by beacasketteer

I’m loling so hard.

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I love her ‘trying so hard to stay mad’ face.

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The arm that falls on him though.

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Daddy!Ward is the best in my opinion… Plus it keeps me kinda sane right now…

Anyways. This is kinda running off a headcanon of mine about the twins from my prompt fic… and it’s a future fic to a au/future fic. :3

"I hate you." She screams as she turns and stomps away from him. Confused as he had only just opened the front door.

"Hi to you too…" He says before stepping in. "Haze?" He calls as she screams her frustrations out. Sighing he hates being in charge of a set of teenaged twins when Skye was away.

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I wanted something more.

I wanted this right here.

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